Introduction to Slow Fashion

In recent times, the term ‘slow fashion’ has become a buzz word in the fashion industry. Since there are endless terms encircled in the sustainable fashion domain, it is easy to get confused. Some say, slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, but what exactly is it?

Slow fashion may be a rebuke to the ideologies of fast fashion. But to dig deeper, it requires a lot more understanding and thoughtful application. Slow fashion can be said as a movement that challenges the processes of design, manufacturing, marketing and end results to the core. It is a more thoughtful and holistic approach to sustain in the fashion industry. An approach to fashion that benefits the planet and all the people involved.

Today’s society calls us to consume at a much faster rate than before and this pattern has already caused huge harm to the people and planet. We have built a culture of producing largely using cheap materials at a faster pace. Today, the fashion industry generates low-quality garments in order to bring low cost styles to the masses. These overproduced cheaply made clothing have resulted in creating havoc socially and environmentally. Slow fashion is all about putting brakes to these imbalanced patterns of excessive production, unethical practices, complicated supply chains and mindless consumption.

The essential focus of the slow fashion movement revolves around creating a balance with nature and people. Human- friendly production cycles, fair wages, good working conditions, quality materials, less negative impact, better employment opportunities etc. are some key parameters of slow fashion. Instead of chasing trends, pioneers of slow fashion focus more on creating pieces that matter- that lasts long, that are relevant and are ethically developed. The movement encourages producers to design thoughtfully, maintain transparency with the stakeholders and make a positive impact. It advocates consumers to make fairer choices, buy better quality and support ethical treatment of workers.

Dhãran, as a fashion brand, is an ardent follower of the slow fashion movement. We consciously design clothing from quality materials that stay relevant to the market for a longer period of time. We work with numerous local artisans and strictly have an in-house manufacturing team that creates a transparent supply chain and also allows us to not complicate the accountability. Our designs and collections are carefully made in limited quantities as not to burden the market with unnecessary offerings. We provide more nuanced and mindful choices that prioritise people and the planet.