Sustainable Fashion is a synonym to eco-friendly fashion. It literally means to recreate fashion in order to reduce pollution and to promote the well being of every living being around. Eco-friendly fashion is all about non-toxic products that cause less pollution while they’re manufactured, used, and disposed of. It is a revolution that makes sure that our fashion is cruelty-free and that we are motivating our local producers at the grassroot.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the mantra for sustainable fashion. Here, by reducing, we mean to minimize waste and pollution. Reuse means, using different articles of clothing we already have to make a new outfit, instead of buying too many clothes. Like clothes, we can also reuse jewelry and other accessories in ways that look fashionable and not repetitive. Recycle means to convert the things that are no longer in use into entirely usable new ones.

Listed below are some of the sustainable fashion facts that will leave your jaws dropped.

  • As elite as it may look, fur is the most sinful type of fabric you could own. In fact, it is not even a fabric. Original fur is the skin of our furry friends. That explains its sky-high prices and high demand. Fortunately, it has been banned by animal rights enthusiasts and sustainable fashion supporters.
  • In order to manufacture a single pair of denim, seven thousand liters of water are used. If you were to drink that amount of water, it would take you around six years to finish it. Keeping this into account, sustainable clothing aims at saving water too.
  • If you machine-dry your clothes, you’re polluting the air with seven hundred pounds of carbon dioxide every six months. This could be stopped if you start air-drying them after every wash.
  • Eco-friendly fashion means replacing chemical dyes with natural colors. Natural colors are derived from vegetables, fruits, flowers, and leaves.
  • Sustainability is curbing fast fashion, which simply means less waste.
  • Online fashion stores use about thirty percent less energy than real shops in the market. Hence, eco-friendly fashion promotes e-commerce businesses.
  • A community called Greenpeace that functions for the cause of our planet recently released a report saying that twenty percent of the clothes in our wardrobes aren’t even worn once. That is actually quite alarming. Sustainable fashion encourages us to buy only what we actually need.
  • Handlooms get softer with each wash. So you’re assured good quality products for the price you pay.
  • Boring organic clothes are a thing of the past now. The new sustainable clothing wave brought in fashionable, ethical garments that turn out to be just as pretty.
  • Sustainable fashion is produced in a non-toxic environment with safe products. So, it ensures your safety that fast, insensible fashion does not.

The best part about sustainable clothing – it considers the upliftment of the talented but poor local artists. There has been a manifold increase in the demand of these designers ever since ethical fashion took over. If you’re convinced enough to get your hands on sustainable clothing items, check out Dharan. They make sure your “responsible fashion” game is to the point.

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